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About Isotech

About Us

ISOTECH Pte Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of PEC Ltd. We are an authorized CAR-BER licensee in South-East Asia providing isolation & testing services using its patented technologies with innovative design tools to the oil and gas, petrochemical, oil and chemical terminals, pharmaceutical & offshore industries.


Safety is of paramount importance in our industry. We provide in-situ pipe cutting and beveling, hydrostatic / hydrodynamic isolation and hydrostatic weld testing, which had proven to be safe, cost effective and sound alternatives to present testing and isolation procedures performed within the piping and pressure vessel industry.


The traditional method of piping isolation and testing welds requires extensive man-hours for spading and scaffolding, purging of an entire assembly and large amount of medium to perform the test. The use of CAR-BER tools reduce all such requirements resulting in higher safety and productively and lower exposure.


Trained technicians deliver timely, professional service to the client under a purpose designed program that meets the client’s strict requirements and standards, reflecting our commitment to safety and quality services.

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