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Nozzle Testing

CARBER Nozzle Testing is an innovative hydrotesting procedure for testing new nozzles on any vessel.

  • Significantly reduces downtime required to test nozzle connections by only testing area of the weld.

  • Low volumes of test medium required make reclamation hazard free & cost efficient.

  • Low volumes of testing medium assure very accurate test results.

  • Low volumes of medium provide for a safe environment in which to conduct tests.

  • Lightweight tooling eliminates the requirements for heavy lifting equipment to put the testing equipment in place.

  • Eliminates the need to fill the entire vessel with medium thus significantly reducing downtime and medium costs.

  • Up to three weeks manufacturing lead time

Nozzle Testing
Nozzle Testing_Img2

When adding a nozzle to any vessel, a hydrostatic test must be performed.  ISOTECH makes this process much more efficient with our patented Nozzle Test Technology.  Our technicians can hydrotest your new nozzle connection without filling the entire vessel and without the need to weld a cap to the inside shell.  Some vessels simply cannot withstand the complications and weight involved with filling to capacity and pressurization to perform a traditional hydrotest.  Also, welding a cap inside of some vessels is not a good idea (i.e. glass lined or clad lined). Each hydrotest performed by ISOTECH technicians only uses a minimal amount of test medium, which ensures very accurate results, reduces downtime, and makes reclamation nearly hazard free and cost efficient.

Our technology is designed to meet ANSI/ASME codes.  We will custom manufacture a nozzle test tool to meet specifications identified by the client.  A minimal lead time (up to  three weeks) allows ISOTECH to complete custom jobs in a timely manner to help keep your project on-track.

CARBER also has a patented split-cap design nozzle test tool to accommodate man-ways. Testing man-ways requires that the test tool is larger than the actual opening to form a proper seal.  Their split-cap tool is perfect for testing man-ways because it can be disassembled to allow entry into the vessel.

When testing the only man-way of a vessel, access to enter or exit during the hydrotest is required.  ISOTECH has the technology to perform these tests.  The patented Open Top Hat Nozzle Test Tool allows larger nozzles or man-ways to be tested much more efficiently while allowing access to the vessel.

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